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January Favourites


I’m late. We’re already a week in to February, but I couldn’t write a new post without doing the monthly favourites first.

January was a really strange month for me. It started on a massive high, but the last two weeks proved to be really difficult. So I decided to have a bit of a ‘I don’t want to do anything’ phase and rest. But now I’m back, still a tiny bit tired, but I’ll take things slow and, hopefully, things are going to get better.

As you can see by the picture, January was a really basic month for me (partly because of the Spending Ban (Update #1)). I’ve been really enjoying the simple things. And loads of Earl Grey in my favourite mug.

My first favourite is books. I’ve finally gotten back to reading and have stocked up on reading material that should last for a couple of months at least. I used to love reading, but for some unknown reason stopped, so it’s really good to have this hobby back in my life.

Another relaxing favourite is my Diptyque Baies candle. I’ve had this on my bedside table for quite a while know but hadn’t really used it for months. It’s really amazing, last for ages and fills the room with a beautiful soft berry aroma. I will definitely get another one when I’ll run out.

Also, I’ve accidentally found a hand cream that smells exactly the same as the Diptyque candle. It’s Antipodes Joyful Body & Hand cream. It does a wonderful job of moisturising my hands and the tube should last me ages.

My last favourite of the month is Baume De Rose from By Terry. I’ve been loving the tubed product; it’s so easy to use, the applicator is so lovely and soft, and the product contains tiny little glitter, that makes you look very fresh.

What changes did January bring in to your life?




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