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A Two Month Spending Ban: Update #1 aka Sales Haul


As you can see in the picture I’ve been a tiny bit nought and haven’t stayed away from shopping. but I it’s not all as bad as you’d think. 

The total coast of everything you can see in the photo is around £50! Quite impressive, don’t you think? So, I haven’t been that bad a compared to my usual monthly spend, I’m impressed with myself. I’ve managed to stay clear of full priced items and haven’t been buying things just because they’re on sale, I actually really like everything.

I bought a Tuxedo Bandeau Dress form Warehouse, which was reduced form £65 to £12, two jumpers from Zara: the first one, a black jumper with a low cut back and a bow (it’s the same design as the dress here) for £9.99 (I think the original price was around £25) and a cream sequin v-neck jumper with a 3/4 sleeves reduced from £35 to £12.99. I also bought a pair of really nice suede court shoes from Topshop for £10, reduced from £35. The last item is a L’Oreal eye make up remover, which was in offer (£3.33); I mentioned in the original spending ban post that I’m trying to be less of a brand snob, so I’ll be putting this to the test against my favourite Clarins eye make up remover.

So, that comes to a total of £48.30 and a saving of £116.66. Good, non?

I also used Boots Treat Street and collected £5 worth of points, which will be going towards a luxury treat.

So, with a bit more then a month to go I’m trying to be even more strict. I probably will use up my Boots points and treat myself, but I’ll try to leave this for as close to my birthday as possible. And maybe I’ll by a new book, but that’s it.

What has been your biggest bargain purchase this year?




2 thoughts on “A Two Month Spending Ban: Update #1 aka Sales Haul

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