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My New Year’s Resolutions

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A new year, a new plan. Most of us hope for something better, try to do more good things. So here’s my plan.

Save money – last year I was spending a lot of money on, well, everything I wanted (mainly make up). So in the new year I’ll try and think twice; do I actually need it? ‘But I want it’, is not a good enough answer. (I still want a mulberry Bayswater tho)

Buy clothes, not make up – I need to update my wordrobe a bit, get some basics. So, instead of going make up shopping, I need to go clothes shopping (obviously, with not going overboard).

Exercise – I don’t know how soon I’m actually going to start, because I want to a ballet class. I did ballet when I was a kid and recently have felt the urge to try again (obviously, just as a class). But first I need to find one in my area, which is proving to be a bit more difficult then I thought.

Have a blogging schedule –  I work full time, so blogging is something I do on my days off, which, sometimes, is quite hard. Especially during winter months, when you only have a couple of hours of day light to take pictures and a list of things that need doing. But I’m hoping to get myself in a (positive) routine, so I know when I’m doing what.

Travel – I’m really hoping to go on a nice holiday this year. Paris and New York (and LA) are on the top of my list, so if my good and save up some money, this wish might come true.

Get a driving licence – this has been in the process for way too long, so before summer 2014 I want to get it done. Need to book my tests, then I’ll have definite dates to work towards.

Do a (international) beauty swap – this is something that’s been on my mind for a long time. I think it’s such a fun and exiting thing to do, you get to know new products and, maybe, make a friend.

What are you hoping for this year?




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