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Collective Haul

SONY DSCFor the last couple of weeks I haven’t really had time to go shopping (read – walking around shops, spending money on things I don’t really need, but they just look so damn nice I can’t resist). But I’ve still managed to get some new bits, so I thought a collective haul would be a nice idea.

After watching Fleur’s ‘Get Ready With Me’ I couldn’t resist the idea if trying a really nice smelling hairspray and mousse, so I purchased the Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry & Vanilla offerings. I’ve only tried both of the products once, but they really impressed me; you only need a tiny bit, but the results are very good. At the moment they are still half priced in Superdrug, so, if you’re interested, I would recommend getting them now.

For the last four or five months I’ve been in a real lipstick mood (the ‘Lipstick Organiser’ post serves as evidence) and I couldn’t resist getting another one. It’s the Chanel Rouge Allure in 91 Seduisante, a lovely rosy pink. I got it for everyday use, it’s really wearable and just gives a little injection of colour.

The last three items are necessities. I was running low on cleanser so decided to buy the Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ cleansing balm. I’ve read some good reviews on this and now that my skin’s getting dry because of the weather a balm seams like a good idea.

Another well reviewed item, the Zara leggings that everybody has been talking about. For £19.99 you can’t go wrong and they really are perfect for this weather, easy to wear with boots and really comfy. (And I need some new trousers.)

I also just realised I had no boots for the colder weather, so did a little bit of research online and decided on the Topshop Dancer Riding boots. They’re really simple and classic looking, just what I wanted.

What have you been treating yourself with before Christmas?




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