Review: A Shocking Disappointment


You can not imagine how disappointed I feel. YSL mascaras are my ultimate favourites, I always repurchase, and I knew that I had to try their best reviewed offering ‘Shocking‘. There are so many people that love it, so I would love it as well, wouldn’t I? It hurts me to say this, but, no.

The first tube I received was faulty. You know that popping sound you get when taking the wand out of a fresh mascara? It didn’t have one, so the brush was covered in product. I went back for an exchange. Checked the second tube, no fault there. I got all exited for the next day, when I’ll have the opportunity to try this amazing mascara, but ended up being disappointed, again. It didn’t make my lashes look anything near as wonderful as I thought it was going to, they looked clumpy and messy, and the removal was dreadful. I ended up having tiny bits of mascara all over my eyes and had to rub the remaining clumps off, and I know it’s not the eye make up removals fault. I went back again and exchanged it for the Chanel Le Volume Mascara (which is amazing; I will be doing a separate post on it).

It’s such a shame, I really wanted to like it, but it looks like it just wasn’t meant to be.




4 thoughts on “Review: A Shocking Disappointment

    • I just didn’t gel along with it; i could only put one coat on, without it going clumpy, but there was no definition, my lashes just stuck together.
      Can you recommend a good Dior mascara? I was going to try one, but could’t choose. 🙂

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