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Lipstick Organiser


For the last couple of months my lipstick collection has been growing and realised that I didn’t really have anywhere to store them. There was the option of keeping them all, nicely stacked, in my dressing table draw, but with such beautiful packaging it’s really a shame to put them away. Plus, there is the added problem of not being able to see what you have and forgetting to use some of the products.

In the blog world lipstick organisers have been the new thing, with a few bloggers posting pictures of their collections and it was the prefect solution for the problem I was having. I did consider getting a MUJI storage box, but they didn’t seam to appeal to me (don’t get me wrong here, I like MUJI storage boxes, but I didn’t want one for lipsticks), so I went on eBay and managed to find this acrylic lipstick organiser. So, £4.69, a couple of days and clicks later I received the solution to my lipstick problem and couldn’t be more pleased. It holds all of my favourite lip products (I do have a couple of favourites in my make up bag) and, as much as plastic can, looks expensive and sleek. And who could complain about having high end products on display?



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