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Review: Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit


When I first saw the Sensationail sets I knew I would end up getting one. I’ve had gel nails before and I absolutely loved them, so the idea of having the the opportunity and tools to do it at home was more then appealing.

During a normal working week I don’t really have much time to think about my nails, so I end up not putting anything on them, which is quite disappointing, considering how much I love nail polish and having pretty hands. But the fuss around chipping and repainting every three days just seams to tiring.

For me gel nail polish is the perfect solution. The look of fake nails has never appealed to me, so having a long lasting nail colour that goes on your natural nails is right up my street. It is dry straight away, looks shiny and doesn’t come of easily (which is a bit of a pain, when it’s actually time to take it off, but it’s not a major problem).


I was fortunate enough to get to test the Sensationail kit before buying it and, if anything, it convinced me even more to get it. It’s surprising how easy it is to do a gel manicure at home on yourself. The whole process didn’t take me longer then doing my nails regularly and, if I can say so myself, the result looked beautiful. I had beautiful nails for 10 days and they would last longer, but I decided to change the colour.


You get detailed instructions with the set, so it’s hard to do anything wrong, and if you can be bothered to spend a little time soaking your nails every 10 days, you’ll spend the rest of the time without a single worry about the condition of your fingertips.




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