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Christmas Wish List

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I love Christmas. It’s the time of fairy lights, decorations, cups of apple-cinnamon tea, family and dreams. This post is going to be dedicated to the last one – this is my Christmas Wish List.

Winter is the perfect season for red lips; they go together so well with snow, knitted scarfs and rosy, frost bitten cheeks, that it would be a shame not to wear one. When I saw Vivianna’s post on the Burberry lip mist in Oxblood I decided I need one in my life. It just looks so beautiful.

Another beauty related wish is the Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palette in no.7 The Lolita. It’s just so perfect; all of the colours look so wearable (but not boring) and there are lots of good reviews. Unfortunately, until they decide to sell this beauty in the UK, I won’t be getting my hands on one.

Fragrance is a standart Christmas gift, almost everybody has some waiting for them under the tree, but it’s still a really nice luxury. I wouldn’t mind getting a bottle of the Limited Edition design Flowerbomb. I wear this beautiful scent almost every day and wouldn’t mind having an extra bottle for when I run out. It’s exclusive to Selfridges.

Another Selfridges exclusive I have on my list is the Kate Spade Festive Bubble iPhone case. It would match my black phone perfectly and who could complain about such a pretty design?

I couldn’t do a wish list without Mulberry. Just look at this Tree Continental Wallet; how can you resist such beauty? It’s one of those pieces that would last you forever.

What’s on your Christmas Wish List?




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