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A Spontaneous London Trip Haul


This whole thing started with an unplanned 2,5 day holiday and nothing to do. So Mr. B decided to save me from nothing to do and offered a last minute trip to London. This took me a total of 0.2 seconds to say yes to and a couple of hours later I had the train tickets in my pocket.

London at this time of year is absolutely beautiful. All of the Christmas decorations are out, shops are filled with presents and chocolates and you can only try to resist all of the wonderful things that put a sparkle in your eyes.


My first stop was Waterstones. I always like to buy a new book in London, to read on the train on my way back. This time I went for the newly published ‘Jeeves and the Weeding Bells’ by Sebastian Faulks. The cover is just stunning and now, that I’m a couple of chapters in to the book, I can say I like it.

My next destination was the Oxford Street. It’s one of those places I can’t stay away from, when I’m in London, it has everything you want and more. This time I decided to have a look at the Primark section in Selfridges (two shops that don’t seam to go together, if you ask me). I was plesently surprised. It felt luxurious; clean aisles, nice changing rooms and the clothes selection was brilliant. I decided to buy a lovely black and white heart print tea dress which was only £8 and came with the yellow Selfridges bag.

Since I wanted to buy some pyjamas and slippers I did visit the actual Primark store as well, and there I saw a lovely rose tea dress and spent some time trying to decide between all of the comfy lounge wear options. I spent a total of £16 for three items. Bargain!

I couldn’t resist going in to Boots. They had a 1200 points offer on, so I decided to treat myself to two of the newest YSL products; the Youth Liberator foundation and Vernis À Lèvres Rebel Nudes in 103. There is something magical in buying lip products, they always make you feel good.

My last stop was the Fresh store in London. Because it’s the only place you can get their products in the UK, I really look forward to visiting the little shop. Last time I was there I bought the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy, which I love using before bed. This time I deiced on the classic, the Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit to London. And I really need to remind myself to go in to MUJI; I’m running out of make up storage space.




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