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November Wishlist

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As we’re getting closer to Christmas most of my shopping is gift focused and, thankfully, I don’t have a lot of time left to browse for myself. However, some goodies have managed to grab my attention and are now on my wishlist, waiting for the next payday.

The Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polishes have been out for some time now, but Essie’s October Favourites video made me want one. I haven’t decided on the colour yet (Porchester Square?), but hope to try them out soon.

Another Estée inspired wish list entry is the new Revlon Matte Balm in Snowy. At the moment this collection isn’t available in the UK, but there are some options available on eBay. And while I’ll be shopping around, I might just order one of the Maybelline Elixir Balm/Lipstick/Glosses Fuchsia Flourish as well.

The last beauty wish is the Dior Christmas Lips and Nails Palette. Oh my. This is so beautiful. There is now way I can justify buying this now, but I might try and leave some subtle hints and get this as a present.

My two fashion wishes have been on the list for some time now. The first one is a Zara Short Coat, which looks absolutely lovely, and since I don’t have anything like it, I don’t fell bad looking at it.

The second and the last one is a pair of Converse Low Ox in Maroon. They would be perfect for dry autumn days, when you don’t want to wear boots and just want to ad a bit of colour to your outfit.

What’s on your November wish list?




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