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London and Bicester Village Haul


Last week I visited two of my favourite places in the UK and this is what I came home with; a pile of beautiful bags filled with goodies.


I love Bicester Village. It’s such a nice place to be, even if you’re not buying anything, but the added benefit of bargains puts it on my ‘must visit every year’ list. You can never guarantee a specific purchase, but if you keep your eyes open, amazing things can be found.

On this visit I only bought two things, but, a little wish of mine came true. As always, I went in to the Mulberry shop. Manly, for a browse and a touch, and for the chance to ad a lot of things to my wish list, but to my surprise I saw something that I’ve been lusting over for ages. Something, that I didn’t think I would ever get, because it was a part of a season collection. They had the Teddy necklace. Obviously I had to get it and, oh, it’s love!


My second purchase also put a big grin on my face. The last time I visited Bicester Village the Kate Spade shop wasn’t open yet, so I was happy to finally have a look. And when I saw a little beautiful gold bow ring (first seen on Missglamorazzi) I just couldn’t say no. They were having a 25% off event on as well, which made it a massive bargain.


After Bicester we went to Oxford (another wonderful place) and I bagged a beautiful lip balm from Dior. It’s their Creme de Rose, which smells amazing and I wanted to try it after watching Fleur’s Fall\Autumn tag with Tati video.


For my London trip I had a little shopping list prepared.

One of the things I wanted to get was a nice pinky coral lipstick and after hours of online research (a review from A Model Recommends) I deiced to try the Tom Ford Lip Colour Shines. The collection offers a lot of nice shades, but I decided on Frolic. The formulation is very buttery and feels lovely on the lips, and how can you not like something, that’s been packaged like these.

SONY DSCThe next thing on my wishlist was the Chanel Eyelash Curler. I deiced to take advantage of the Covent Garden store and since my Shu Uemura curlers are on their last legs this was the perfect time for the purchase. Again, Ruth from A Model Recommends was a big help with her review.


For my last purchase I visited a Mulberry store. Again. Since I got my new Michael Kors bag I’ve been loving things in bright colours. It’s always good to inject a little bit of colour in your life and it just makes it easier to find items in your bag. So I got a new notebook. It’s their A6 notebook in Mulberry pink. Love it.

SONY DSCAfter all of this I’m officially on a spending ban. Christmas is coming and these little beauties should keep my happy for the next couple of moths.

Do you enjoy a good shopping trip as much as I do?




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