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London Wishlist

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In a few days I’ll be heading to London and, as always, I’ve made a little wishlist of things I’d like to see/try/test/buy in the big smoke, which will serve as a little ‘were to go next’ gide throughout the day.

The first thing is actually something I’d like to get before I go. It’s the Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Tote Bag in Black. Absolutely love the simplicity and size of this and it would make the perfect travel/shopping companion.

Next on my list is a little visit to Muji. Since I’ve been treating myself to way to many lipsticks in the last couple of moths I feel like it would be a good idea to get a little clear storage box for them, so I can keep them on top of my dressing table and give every colour a lot of love and use. Also, I’m planning to get some pens and notebooks for work. Exiting.

Another little thing for my growing lipstick collection is the Dior Contour Lip Liner in 001. It’s completely clear, so you can use it with any colour and don’t have to worry about about finding a perfect match to a new lipstick. Brilliant!

One of the things I actually want to try is Diptyque’s Philosykos. It’s been much loved and talked about in the beauty blog world but I have never actually smelt it. I feel very intrigued by the notes of this little wonder and will definitely see how my nose responds to it.

I have planned a little visit to Zara as well. (This might end in some damage.) There are many things on my wish list from there, but I don’t like to buy clothes or shoes without trying them on first (only ASOS can brake this rule), so there will be a little changing marathon taking place.

There is a place that I just can’t stay away from, when I’m in London. It is the Chanel boutique in covent garden, which I’ll definitely visit. But there is a another place where beautiful things live and dreams come true. Selfridges. And for this trip I’ve planned a visit to the Mulberry counter, to get myself a notebook refill. What can be better then a little gold tree logo box in a yellow bag?

What are your favourite places in London?




3 thoughts on “London Wishlist

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  2. MUJI is the best storage unit for makeup. I have two of their units which I absolutely love and now realize cannot live without. Love Michael Kors anything! Especially the handbags:)))

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