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When Too Much Is Happening + I Want To Try This

When To Much Is Happening
For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling empty and tired. There’s been a lot to do at work, things to plan and just general stress. I’ve been dying for a couple of days of and just wanted to find the spark of ‘yes, I feel good’ again. But then I managed to book the wrong plane tickets with Ryanair, which resulted in more stress and annoyance. Brilliant.
So, to try and pick myself up again, I decided to put everything on hold, fantasy shop and put together a ‘I want to try this’ post.
50% of the items are Chanel. Just having something with a CC logo on it makes me feel happy. I love the brand and I really want to try their newest offerings the CC cream and cream blushes, and I’ve been eyeing the UV Essentiel face SPF’s for some time as well – It’s about time I start using one. Then I have the L’oreal Hair Expertise EverStrong range. I know everybody has been raving about the EverRiche, but I feel like the green bottled products would be more beneficial for my hair and I like the minty smell.
And then there’s a MAC lipstick. I don’t have a particular shade in mind, but I have £5 to redeem on my Debenhams beauty card and I love lipstick.
Here we go. I already feel a tiny bit better.
What do you do to pick yourself up?
P.S. Because I love a good bargain I just wanted to let you know – If you decide to shop for some beauty products, Boots have a Mega Points event happening this weekend and there are a couple of voucher codes available here.

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